Self-Driving Cars will Change the World

Google's Self Driving Car

Self driving cars are becoming a focus for many big companies out there. From Google to Uber, companies see the future with no human drivers. Some say human drivers will be illegal at some point, after all if compared to a self driving cars we’ll seem drunk without even drinking.

Owning a car might become less common, parking places won’t be needed as much as they are today. Cars could just continue 24/7 non stop. You’ll have more time and more. Self driving vehicles might have a positive impact on the environment. Today drivers keep a recommended distance of two seconds from the car in front of them, but a self driving car can respond a lot quicker. It can also avoid traffic jams by better planning the route.

So how will the future look like? Maybe something like this:

Still, the future of the self driving project isn’t all bright. A Swedish company found that 80% of pedestrians look for eye contact with the drivers before crossing. What will a self driving car do? The Swedish company found the solution you can watch below, but you should expect many small problems to arise in other aspects of this ambitious project.