Xbox One S Vs. Xbox One – Should You Buy the S?

Xbox One S

The newly released Xbox One S is making a lot of waves, but should you buy it? Well, like every good answer, it depends.

If you have the Xbox One and just want to upgrade to the S you probably need to think. There’s indeed a slight improvement in performance and support for 4k video and Blu-ray (notice that’s games are only upscale), but we wouldn’t say that’s enough for an upgrade. Unless you also looking for a Ultra HD blu-ray player, in that case, the Xbox One S can come in handy.

On the other if you don’t have an Xbox One, the Xbox One S is just a great product. It’s powerful and beautiful with a 40% reduction in size (333mm x 276mm x 78mm). Some readers might be surprised that the console itself comes only in white, you can only choose a different color for your controllers.

The controllers of the S were also updated with a new design that gives it a slicker look. When it comes to functionality the biggest change it the ability to use Blutooth to connect. This will allow future compatibility with other devices. Until now you had to use dongles. Another upgrade is a better range of the controllers which is nice but not super crucial.

If you’re planning to use the Kinect port, note you’ll need an adapter. Other than that part the Xbox One S does everything the Xbox One does with more as described above.

Most tech reviewers give the new XboX One S a great grade. You should expect it to be a massive hit in the upcoming holiday season.