The Vegan Trend is Changing the World We Know

Vegan Trend

The vegan trend is here to stay. All of us seem to see more and more vegans around us, some are 100% vegans, some are just trying to eat more vegan food. The reasons vary, from moral to health to others. In 2015, 36% of Americans claimed to prefer milk alternatives and meat substitutes. This figure is a lot higher than people who are actually vegan. The number of vegetarians in the US is estimated to be below 4% including vegans.

The food industry is taking these changes seriously. The variety of products offered to vegans is getting bigger and bigger. Supermarkets fully dedicated to vegans aren’t as rare as they used to be. According to a survey by peta2, vegan offerings in college cafeteria menus is becoming popular.

Meat free meals are usually cheaper as well, helping to fuel the trend. The main question mark that is still there when it comes to vegan nutrition is the health issue. Is going vegan really more healthy? For sure it has some benefits, but if you’re going all in with this diet there’s several things you need to monitor.

This CNN video might help you to get a better idea of the real answer to the question of health and a vegan diet: