Smartphones for Any Budget

Smartphone for Any Budget

As time and technology progress, it becomes increasingly clear that smartphones are becoming an essential necessity. Smartphones have become the main method of communication on a global scale and many people rely upon these phones for access to the Internet, email, text messaging, and numerous applications. Decades ago, phones were used primarily for verbal communication, but since then, technology has improved extensively and now individuals use their smartphones to accomplish almost anything imaginable.

Why Are Smartphones a Necessity?

Some individuals would consider smartphones to be a luxury, but they are truthfully a necessity. In fact, some employers will not even hire potential employees if those individuals do not own a smartphone. Some companies rely on smartphones for keeping employees organized, keeping track of hours worked, and using various apps for professional meetings and other related tasks. Likewise, phones are often the main method that employers and supervisors use to make contact regarding additional hours that need to be worked, upcoming events, and other scenarios where employees are needed. If an employer cannot even make contact with an individual via phone for a potential interview, it can be detrimental. Thankfully, smartphones have become incredibly affordable over the past few years, making it easier for everyone to acquire their own phone.

It is becoming rarer to hear individuals complaining that they don’t own a smartphone because they are too expensive. Truthfully, most popular smartphones can be found online for an affordable price if you are willing to spend time researching and comparing prices. You can find a smartphone that will fit into any budget and have the latest technology without having to pay thousands of dollars as popularly advertised. The key is to know what to look for and where to find it.

Purchasing your smartphone online is going to be the best choice when you are aiming to find a phone that will fit into your budget, regardless of what your budget may be. Although it is possible to find discounts for smartphones on a local level, it is generally more challenging to find phones that will be able to fit into your budget if you are aiming for something cheaper because most phone companies will always try to sell you a bundle or packaged deal to raise the price. Moreover, they may also try to sell you some of the most popular brand name smartphones, which will make the price more expensive than it needs to be. Even if you have a preference towards brand name phones such as Samsung or Motorola, you can almost always find these same phones available online for far cheaper than what you would pay at your local phone provider.

Brand Name or Generic

Perhaps the most popular debate regarding purchasing smartphones online is whether you should purchase a brand name phone or a generic phone. Generic brands of smartphones are not counterfeits or replicas of popular brand name phones; they are simply generic, lesser known brands that may be more popular in areas outside of your region. Most generic phones will run on the Android operating system, although some also run Windows. There are also many other generic operating systems that are available, but for functionality’s sake, it is generally best to purchase a smartphone that runs the most mainstream operating systems available.

Brand name phones are appropriate if you are seeking something more specific, such as an Apple iPhone or a brand that is known to have specific features, such as Droid. Generic phones do not offer lesser quality in comparison to brand name phones. Brand name phones can be considered as more of a luxury, but they are still affordable by most standards when shopping online. A general search of smartphones will show that you can purchase used generic and brand name phones for some very affordable prices:


Another aspect that you will want to consider when purchasing your smartphone is what type of network it will be able to run on. You will encounter three options: (1) unlocked; (2) GSM; and (3) CDMA. Sometimes the network that you choose can have an affect on the overall price of the phone; some options are more expensive than others depending on your location. Some CDMA phones can be used on dual networks, which can also be more expensive. Unlocked phones can also be costlier because they can work on almost any GSM network. It’s more common to find unlocked brand name phones than generics, in most cases.

Used or New

Whether you choose to purchase your smartphone used or new is going to depend upon your preferences and your budget. It is possible to buy a generic brand smartphone completely new and only spend a few hundred dollars, which can be quite a contrast from spending almost a thousand dollars for a new brand name phone. However, it is also possible to buy brand name phones used for lower prices as well. The following example shows a number of popular used Samsung phones that are available for a fraction of the price that they would be sold for if purchased new from a local vendor:

For the cheapest option when considering used or new, you may even want to consider purchasing a smartphone that has been released within the past year or two. Obviously, you do not want to purchase a smartphone that is too old or cannot run the latest firmware updates, but if you choose a phone that is not as popular as the most recent releases, you can easily save a few hundred dollars due to the inflation associated with newer phone options.

Finally, keep in mind that smartphones purchased online will also be cheaper because they may not have a data or voice plan associated with them, so you are only paying directly for the phone. In recent years, several phone service providers have come forward with more affordable rates for their plans, making the purchase of a full smartphone package more reasonable than ever before. Even if you do not want to commit to a plan, smartphones come enabled with Wi-Fi and the majority of apps can be run on Wi-Fi, allowing you to still take advantage of the benefits of the phone without the expensive data deals.