DVD Shopping Guide


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    DVD on TV

    As home theatres and video libraries become all the more popular around the world, many people are turning to DVDs as a means of having access to the content that they want to watch. Whether it’s a favorite movie or a collection of all of the seasons of your favorite television show, DVDs provide a great source of entertainment. If you’re just starting to develop your own personal library, here are some suggestions worth perusing.

    What Type of DVD Are You Interested In?

    Browsing through the entertainment section of any store, you’re going to be bombarded by options when you reach the portion allotted to DVDs. To gain a better understanding of what’s available, it’s important to consider the genres of work that are now covered by DVDs. This provides you with a decent foundation for finding DVDs to add to your own personal collection.


    If you’re passionate about music and you have favorite bands, music DVDs can be a good way to further focus on your interest. There are many DVDs which cover the live concert performances of some of the most popular brands through a variety of genres. Likewise, music video collections are another popular theme for DVDs and can be a great addition to any music lover’s collection.


    Generally when people think of DVDs, they associate them with movies. Understandably, there are an extensive amount of films available on DVD and availability only continues to increase as popular films become introduced to this medium. If you’re a movie addict, you’ll be pleased to discover that you can find almost any movie available


    As you might expect, there are documentaries available about nearly anything you can imagine. Whether you’re highly interested in a specific subject and want to delve deeper into that knowledge or you’re interested in being introduced to new topics, documentary DVDs are fascinating to watch and can provide a breadth of knowledge that you may not find elsewhere.


    If you are looking to learn something in your spare time, educational DVDs can be a great option. Some educational DVDs come with kits that provide you with everything that you need to get started on a new hobby or activity immediately. Other times, you might already have everything that you need, so you’ll only need to purchase the DVD itself. Educational DVDs can be good alternative options if you don’t have time for a class or if you have an unpredictable schedule since it allows you to learn whenever you have spare time available.

    Box Sets

    When it comes to any DVD collection, some of the most prized additions are often box sets. Box sets are comprised of multiple DVDs and can cover an entire series, season, or beyond. If you are a fan of a certain television program or a movie series, a box set is a great way to ensure that you have the entirety of what has been released. Some box sets are special because they may be regarded as collectors editions. When this happens, the box set usually comes in unique commemorative packaging and may have additional features that are not included on the regular version of the box set.

    Key Factors to Consider When Buying DVDs

    Although you may know what type of DVDs you want to purchase, there are still some additional factors to keep in mind while you’re shopping around. The most common issues associated with DVDs and playback can be prevented with the following knowledge about formatting.

    Blu-ray – Sometimes people confuse DVD and Blu-ray as being the same format and they purchase the wrong option. Although Blu-ray discs look very similar to DVDs, a Blu-ray disc provides more information and provides the content at a significantly higher definition. Another main difference is that Blu-ray discs use different technology than DVDs during playback, so it usually isn’t possible to play these discs in a regular DVD player or vice versa.

    Regions – It is important to make sure that the DVD that you are purchasing is coded for the region that you are located in or the region associated with your DVD player. The most common issue is that people will purchase DVDs from other countries and the media cannot be played on their DVD player because the region or zone has been locked for that media. The easiest way to avoid this is to only purchase DVDs that are coded for use in your zone. In the event that you do have a DVD that does not work due to region locking, you can purchase a DVD player that is unlocked for playback of content from all regions.

    Players – Finally, don’t overlook the capabilities of your current player. Some older DVD players are not able to play dual-layer DVDs, for example. Likewise, if the player that you’re using wasn’t primarily designed for playing DVDs, such as when using a laptop or even a gaming console, you may want to invest in an actual DVD player to ensure that you don’t experience any issues or limitations with playback.

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