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    Online Shopping

    If you’re shopping online on Amazon, eBay or similar stores, this short guide will help you do it smarter and save money. Sometimes you can get up to 70% off certain items.

    A store like Amazon for example has two types of sellers. Either Amazon is the one selling your products or other sellers. In some products, the number other sellers might be a huge. But, how do can you compare the options from different sellers to find the best (and cheapest!) one for you? That’s a challenge.

    This has brought a new category of price comparison websites (examples at the bottom or by clicking the Get Deals buttons on this page). The biggest advantage of these websites? They compare the product across all sellers in one comfortable view. You can compare, filter, sort and decide. This is the way to save money online.

    These websites pull all the product offerings from all sellers and present them in one page. These sites have filtering options and the ability to sort by price. They break down each product to all of it’s sellers. Once you find an interesting option you can click it.

    Sometimes you’ll see a different price when you get to the store website, but on the right below the add to cart you’ll be able to click the option of more sellers. On Amazon this is called “Other Sellers on Amazon”. Or just click Used & new where you’ll see all other options in a variety of prices. There you can locate the option you found on the price comparison website.

    One option of a price comparison website is (Click Here to open it in a new window) – it’s a good way to start your shopping and browse all options across dozens of stores. In these type of websites you just search the item you want and get a comparison across dozens of stores. Make sure you use the sorting and filtering options to find the best option. Definitely a site to remember and share with friends for the upcoming holiday shoppings.

    Tips on Saving Money in Online Shopping

    If the product you’re interested in is suppose to get an upgrade soon, you might want to wait. Many times after an upgrade is launched, the older versions sell for less. For example, Google announced recently it will be launching new Google Pixel phones. Just days after launch prices of the older versions, Google Nexus 6 or 5x, dropped.

    Some other tips on how to save money while shopping online:
    1. Deals – check the deals section of the store you are in. Many of the largest stores have a “Today’s Deals” section.
    2. Review – You should always read the terms that will allow you to earn free shipping, sometimes it’s about reaching a certain amount, and sometimes it depends on the products you buy. (or use services like Amazon Prime).
    3. Trade – check for trade in options on your old items.
    4. Check – make sure you read the warranty terms. Extending a warranty might be expensive today but cheaper in the long run if something happens.
    5. Compare – use price comparison websites the example we gave above or others to improve your ability to find the cheapest items.

    Click Here to Get the Best Deals on Any Product